Brimstone Valorant Abilities

Read about Brimstone Valorant agent, he is abilities Incendiary, Stim Beacon, Sky Smoke and Orbital Strike.

Brimstone Summary

Brimstone’s orbital arsenal ensures his squad always has the advantage. His ability to deliver utility precisely and safely make him the unmatched boots-on-the-ground commander

Brimstone Abilities

Type: Basic
Cost: Credits icon 300
Description: Equip an Incendiary grenade launcher. Fire to launch a grenade that detonates as it comes to a rest on the floor, creating a lingering fire zone that damages players within the zone.

Stim Beacon
Type: Basic
Cost: Credits icon 100
Description: Equip a Stim Beacon. Fire to toss the stim beacon in front of Brimstone. Upon landing, the stim beacon will create a field that grants players RapidFire.

Sky Smoke
Type: Signature
Cost: Credits icon 100
Description: Equip a tactical map. Fire to set locations where Brimstone’s smoke clouds will land. Alternate Fire to confirm, launching long-lasting smoke clouds that block vision in the selected area.

Orbital Strike
Type: Ultimate
Cost: 6 Points
Description: Equip a tactical map. Fire to launch a lingering orbital strike laser at the selected location dealing high damage-over-time to players caught in the selected area.

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